BSBGA Course Lists

Below are the lists of courses currently recognized as satisfying five BSBGA degree requirements. The lists serve as guides for planning purposes and do not represent guarantees that specific listed courses will be offered in specific academic years. In addition, students may petition the BGA Curriculum Committee to consider a non-listed course to be recognized as fulfilling a BGA requirement.

Quantitative Methods  

  • Statistical Models for Business (OPIM 172)
  • Business Statistics (OPIM 173)
  • Economic Statistics (ECON 121)
  • Quantitative Methods in International Affairs (INAF 320)
  • Analysis of Political Data I (GOVT 201)
  • Probability and Statistics (MATH 040)
  • Math Statistics (MATH 04-)
  • Intro Math Statistics (Math 140)

Quantitative Analysis

  • Data Science for International Affairs (INAF 221)
  • Modeling Analytics (OPIM 220)
  • Business Forecasting (OPIM 274)

History of Globalization

  • Globalization and Development in Latin America (HIST 352-02)
  • History of Globalization (HIST TBD in spring semester 2021)

International Law, Policy, and Governance

  • International Law (GOVT 263)

Regional History

  • History (HIST) courses numbered 100-499 with middle digits 1-7 and 0 (with approval of advising dean)
  • International students without exposure to U.S. history may request approval to take US History (HIST 180 or 181)