BGA Course Lists

Below are lists of courses currently recognized as satisfying five Dikran Izmirlian Program in Business and Global Affairs degree requirements. The lists serve as guides for planning purposes and do not represent guarantees that specific listed courses will be offered in specific academic years. In addition, students may petition the BGA Curriculum Committee to consider a non-listed course to be recognized as fulfilling a BGA requirement.

Keerat Singh (SFS)

 I’ve applied what I learned in BGA to all the internships I’ve done at Georgetown. For one, in my current internship at USAID, I work on global workers rights. I’ve written case studies and conducted research on workers rights issues, skills I learned from Global Organizations and Culture class we took sophomore spring and from the Washington, Business, and the World classes we take each Fall. 

Keerat Singh (SFS)

Quantitative Methods

Business Statistics (OPAN 2101)
Statistical Models for Business (OPAN 2102)
Economic Statistics (ECON 2110)
Quantitative Methods in International Affairs (INAF 3200)
Analysis of Political Data I (GOVT 2201)
Probability and Statistics (MATH 1040)
Intro Math Statistics (MATH 2140)

Quantitative Analysis

Modeling Analytics (OPAN 2201)
Business Forecasting (OPAN 3274)
Intro to Econometrics (ECON 3001)
Big Data in Business, Economics, and Society (GBUS 4401)
Marketing Intelligence (MARK 3101)

History of Globalization

Comparative Empires (HIST 3103)
Empires in History / Global History (HIST 3105)
History of Globalization (HIST 3106)
Global British Empire (HIST 3110)
Corporations and Empire (HIST 3406)
Globalization and Development in Latin America (HIST 3510)
Global Age of Revolution (HIST 4102)
The Silk Road (HIST 4301)
Capitalism in South Asia (HIST 4304)
Capitalism/Community/Americas (HIST 4505)
Spaceflight and Globalization (STIA 4416)

International Law, Policy, and Governance
International Law (GOVT 2603)

Regional History

Students must take 3 credits chosen from courses with the ‘SFS/CORE History: Early Reg’ or ‘SFS/CORE History: Modern Reg’ attribute.
International students without exposure to U.S. history may request approval to take US History (HIST 1801 or 1802)