Georgetown’s BSBGA is the degree for a global future.

The B.S. in Business and Global Affairs (BSBGA) at Georgetown University accelerates understanding of the causes and consequences of economic activity around the world. The program is distinguished by an innovative, interdisciplinary approach to identifying and solving real-world problems at the intersection of business and international affairs.

The Georgetown BSBGA features signature courses, a learning community, as well as multiple off-campus experiences in Washington, D.C., and around the world.

  • Gain expertise in business, international affairs, and the intersection of these fields.
  • Acquire international and research experience addressing real-world challenges faced by government, business, and society.
  • Become an ethical, engaged, and compassionate leader in the Jesuit tradition.
  • Gain a sophisticated and global orientation to contribute across cultures and across sectors.
  • Explore and think critically about complex global issues.