Georgetown’s Dikran Izmirlian Program in Business and Global Affairs is the degree for a global future.

At the heart of the BGA program is a sequence of interdisciplinary courses specifically tailored to prepare graduates to address the complex interactions at the intersection of business and global affairs. Students begin with an overview of global markets and politics, and then progresses to focus on culture and leadership, firm, organization and institutional behavior, and societal concerns.

The program also is experiential in nature, with an international, multi-location experience at the end of their junior year, as well as two week-long single-location international experiences. Students also engage in a three-semester course that extends the classroom to all of Washington, D.C., to engage in activities related to international policy and the complexities of the global economy throughout the region.

Overall, the curriculum prepares students to gain expertise in business, international affairs, and the intersection of these fields. They understand how to explore and think critically about complex global issues while also being an ethical, engaged, and compassionate leader in the Jesuit tradition. They will graduate with a sophisticated and global orientation that prepares them to contribute across cultures and sectors, as well as a resume that includes international and research experience addressing real-world challenges faced by government, business, and society.

Although there are many great programs at Georgetown, I believe BGA is an excellent fit for students interested in the large, often overlooked grey area between business and government in our globalized world. The BGA program emphasizes hands-on and team-based learning to understand complex issues better. So far, we have studied real-world problems such as international business expansion, disaster recovery, and climate change while getting to meet some of the business, policy, and NGO leaders involved.

Andrew Dunn (B)